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Discovering the delights of Melbourne

Australia is one of the best places to go on a road trip friends or a family holiday as it offers tones of places to visit and a rich cultural experience. Despite being one of the most urbanized countries in the world it is a land of natural wonders. The cultural and historical diversity of Australia is best experienced with Australia day tours . There are a number of places one can choose to visit in Australia as each of its cities has its own unique attractions and tourist spots. Choosing between sunbathing at Bondi in Sydney, the skyline gondola at Queenstown , the electric architecture and nightlife of Auckland, the Royal botanical gardens of Melbourne and so many others can be quite the challenge.
Melbourne is quite the destination to visit being the second largest city of Australia and the cultural capital. The Victorian era architecture, museums, galleries and gardens are an absolute delight to visit in the Melbourne day tours. The Werribee open range zoo offers a unique African safari like experience where you get to drive among the giraffe’s, zebras, bisons and more. Do not forget to take your camera as this is one safari you will want to capture. Being a little far away from the heart of the city it can be a little difficult to visit if you are on a tight schedule and for that you can visit the Melbourne zoo which has a lot of native species of animals and is a perfect location for a calm picnic or just a casual stroll.
The Bourke street mall is a bustling hive of commerce and a paradise for shopaholics. It has two major departmental stores David Jones and Myers where you can literally get lost for hours, so keep a check on your watch as you do not want to miss out on other amazing places such as the royal botanic gardens or the queen Victoria market and Albert park lake. The Royal botanic gardens is a must visit for all those who come to Melbourne as it offers a rich collection of plant species, tranquil lakes and a sight of the diverse local wildlife.  It’s the best way to get your kids to connect with nature as the gardens offer plant tunnels for the children to crawl through as well as a bamboo forest where they can hide and frolic.

Most of Melbourne sight seeing  tours include the shrine of remembrance which is Melbourne’s most iconic landmark. Its elevated geography provides and excellent view of the city and is surrounded by 13hectares of parkland. It offers stunning views of the reserve and its visitor centre houses the gallery of medals including the Victoria crosses. The princess theatre and reagent theatre are 2 of the most famous theatres in Melbourne. Though dating back to 1886 the princess theatre still hosts the most happening shows in town  and has an amazing architecture such as domed roofs and a marble foyer and is a must visit during a day tour. The above places are just a very small fraction of the locations that Melbourne has to offer and there are many more left to explore.